About Us

Bare Metal Standard of Idaho has been serving Treasure Valley and all of Idaho for over 50 years. As a family owned and operated business, we have put in the time and effort to provide the best service this industry has to offer and an unmatched level of care and concern for our customers. We know the needs of our customers and have time and time again surpassed them. Most restaurant or kitchen managers and owners are simply looking for a vendor that can:

  • Arrive on time and conduct an efficient job
  • Leave the area just as clean or cleaner than before
  • Present themselves and perform as a professional

By satisfying these three crucial categories every time, we stand out amongst our competitors. Bare Metal Standard has taken kitchen exhaust cleaning to the next level by not only providing these business essentials but also by ensuring a complete system service and clean.

The team at Bare Metal Standard of Idaho is concerned about the fire safety of your facility, which boils down to the fact that we truly care about your building, your customers, and your livelihood.

1) We Promise You BARE METAL STANDARD® Clean

We’ve spent years developing a cleaning system that would set the industry standard for a clean kitchen exhaust system. We promise to return your system to bare metal using our proprietary BARE METAL STANDARD process; we won’t quit until your exhaust is completely clear of dangerously flammable grease residue and eliminate your worry over potential kitchen exhaust fires. Only when your system is completely clean are you BARE METAL STANDARD clean! We hold ourselves to the highest cleaning standards for your benefit.

We represent over 50 years of experience and can promise you that no clean on your kitchen grease exhaust system can compare to a BARE METAL STANDARD clean.

2) We Promise You Service Beyond Compare

The professionalism of our technicians, our established principle to provide the very best service, and our guaranteed BARE METAL STANDARD of clean sets us apart from our competitors. We’ve designed our business and trained our technicians to remove your worries and ensure your peace of mind. We offer you a truly professional service at a competitive price and it is our promise to you to always provide courteous, prompt, and professional service. We offer a different standard of clean with our BARE METAL STANDARD kitchen exhaust cleaning.

3) We Promise to Leave Your Kitchen as Clean or Cleaner than Before We Arrived

We always promise to leave your kitchen as clean or cleaner than when we arrived on the scene. It is our company goal to always leave your kitchen cleaner than before.

4) We Promise You Will Be Happy With Our Service

With over 50 years of experience in cleaning commercial kitchen exhaust systems, we are always striving to improve our cleaning services to give you the best possible service from start to finish. We have an ongoing commitment to provide you with the highest level of quality for professional service.


To learn more about what sets BARE METAL STANDARD apart from the competition, keep reading here.

Franchise is independently owned and operated by Taylor Brother, Inc. Proudly servicing Treasure Valley and all of Idaho.