Choose The Right Cleaning Partner

We guarantee each system we clean will pass any inspection. Partner with Bare Metal Standard of Idaho to keep your business up to code. We care about your business and your ability to provide a safe environment to not only your employees but customers as well.

Review the following checklist as well as the National Fire Protection Association Guide below to be sure that the cleaning partner you select is the very best choice for your commercial kitchen.

BARE METAL STANDARD Compare the Rest 5 Questions to Ask Each Service Provider You May Hire to Determine the BEST Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Partner For You


? Before you’re hired for the job, will you visit my site and conduct a FREE kitchen exhaust system inspection as well as provide a cost estimate?


? If so, does your job cost estimate include demonstrative evidence such as videos or photos of my system to confirm the extent of damage?


? Do you provide a suggested cleaning schedule in order to keep my kitchen safe all year round?


? If so, does that cleaning schedule follow the guidelines set by the National Fire Protection Association, Code 96?


? Do you give the guarantee that you will NOT hang “inaccessible tags” on portions of my ductwork that you do not clean? This means that when cleaning is complete, do you guarantee that my entire kitchen exhaust system, from stove to rooftop, is the BARE METAL STANDARD of clean?

Our commitment to excellence and quality in our standards set a new level and cleanliness and safety our industry has not seen before. We are passionate about the values we hold as a business, we know there are no other competitors that can provide a better, safer, more complete cleaning for your kitchen exhaust system than us.

According to the National Fire Protection Association Code 96, all commercial kitchens are required by law to be on a ventilation cleaning schedule. The type of food your kitchen prepares and the structure of your kitchen exhaust system dictates how frequently your business is expected to clean its system and have inspections. Many – and perhaps even most – commercial kitchens pose a dangerous fire risk due to the sheer volume of food being produced. If your kitchen exhaust system is not cleaned appropriately or frequently enough, grease and residue continue to build up over time. This build up poses not only a significant fire hazard but also becomes a threat to your health and fire safety inspections. If your kitchen isn’t cleaned to the appropriate standard by the time your inspection rolls around, your commercial kitchen may be forced to close. Refer to the table below to know what is required of your kitchen:


CALL TODAY for a FREE kitchen exhaust system inspection and let us take care of the dirty work to get your commercial kitchen ready for your next fire and safety inspection.

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