Industrial/Plant Cleaning

For the past 50 years, Bare Metal Standard has perfected cleaning systems on a large scale. Mass production lines rely on exhaust components to ensure the quality of their product and we understand the level of service needed to clean large operations.

Large Scale Systems Include:

  • Production fryer lines
  • Industrial blanching ductwork
  • Large ambient air exhaust systems for fire safety, sanitation, and energy efficiency.

Plant food production and industrial cooking facilities have an even greater fire and safety need than a typical kitchen exhaust system. The cooking apparatus’ in these locations are much larger, requiring proportional exhaust systems. Temperatures in these systems exceed standard cooking temperatures in kitchens that create not only grease but also carbon deposits, particularly within fryer lines. It is vital for the fire and safety of the facility and to have these systems cleaned on a regular basis in order to truly protect the investment of the complete facility.

Bare Metal Standard of Idaho is uniquely qualified to complete these services with time tested experience and our proprietary technology that allows us to access 100% of any system, even with limited access. We have had the opportunity to service many different system in food processing plants located in the northwest and have been able to clean each one no matter the complexity or length of ductwork.

Below are before and after pictures of a horizontal stretch of ductwork to an industrial fryer. As you can see there is a large amount of carbon and grease buildup that must be removed for proper ventilation and fire safety. Without service, this buildup can and will hinder production times due to a lack of proper exhaust. Streamline your kitchen and ensure its safety, call us today for a free inspection!

Industrial Before_After

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