Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Commercial-Kitchen-1-300x169Idaho Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning – we set our standards high because it keeps everyone safe. We guarantee every part of your kitchen exhaust system will be completely clean – no exceptions.

With regular use, kitchen exhaust systems will become contaminated with grease. Restaurants and various businesses hire Bare Metal Standard of Idaho to clean their system but our job isn’t only about cleaning. The grease deposits within the system pose a potential fire risk. We eliminate fire risk from your system, exceeding NFPA 96 Standard.

Our services included the cleaning of the following kitchen exhaust components:

  • Exhaust Fans
  • Hoods
  • Connecting Grease Ductwork

What is the Bare Metal Standard?

There are no “inaccessible” areas that our proprietary system cannot reach. With the BARE METAL STANDARD cleaning process, we clean the most difficult and hard to reach places. We guarantee all kitchen exhaust systems will be fire safe. This means 100% of each component of your kitchen exhaust listed above will be cleaned to 95% bare metal.. There are no inaccessible areas to us. Our standard far exceeds NFPA 96 Standard.

We Clean 100% of Each System

Our experienced service professionals are dedicated to providing the best kitchen exhaust cleaning possible. With our proprietary team training and cleaning procedures, we reach the most stubborn areas of your exhaust system. Our technology and proprietary process reaches the dangerous areas of your exhaust system; the twists and turns that our competitors can’t reach. We clean the complete system; meaning all sections of vertical and horizontal ductwork, not matter the length or difficulty of access. We guarantee a deeper and safer clean for your kitchen exhaust system above and beyond our competitors.

We Prove Our Quality with Photographic Evidence

Don’t just take our word for it – you’ll make sure you see it for yourself! After we’ve finished cleaning your kitchen exhaust system, we’ll take pictures throughout your kitchen exhaust system from stove to rooftop and ask you to take a look and approve the fact that your system has been thoroughly cleaned to the highest possible standard: the BARE METAL STANDARD of clean.

Franchise is independently owned and operated by Taylor Brother, Inc. Proudly servicing Treasure Valley and all of Idaho.