Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

iStock_000033715934_Small (2)The cleaning of a commercial kitchen exhaust along with hood cleaning is a major fire and safety component. Often times, it may be overlooked or pushed aside due to budgeting issues. With 50 years’ experience in the industry, Bare Metal Standard of Idaho understands the poor industry standards that has left restaurants vulnerable to cleaning vendors leaving less than safe results. We provide the best results that exceed current safety standards. You can rest assured that when we clean your kitchen exhaust system, your restaurant will be safe and any inspection will pass with flying colors.

For all restaurants in Idaho, call today and schedule a free inspection of your kitchen exhaust system. We’ll work as quickly as you want us to, whether you need an emergency cleanup or are looking for a maintenance plan.


  • 50 years’ experience in kitchen exhaust cleaning
  • Free no obligation inspection & estimate
  • No inaccessible areas
  • The BARE METAL STANDARD guarantee: We clean 100% of your system to 95% bare metal!
  • Our guarantee exceeds NFPA 96 Standard

Frequency of Kitchen Fires

Cooking fires resulting from unkempt equipment were the leading cause of structure fires in restaurant establishments from 2006 to 2010 according to the National Fire Protection Association. These fires cost businesses $246 million in property damages across the board, not including possible reimbursements from civilian injuries.

A restaurant fire can be devastating, setting your business back financially and in terms of production. Kitchen fires run the risk of exploding into the exhaust system and traveling from the stovetop to the rooftop in mere moments. This is why it is so important to keep your kitchen exhaust system clean and safe. At Bare Metal Standard of Idaho we specialize in all types of restaurants, from the largest, busiest chains to the smallest, local cafes.

Safety and Efficiency is Our Guarantee

When a kitchen exhaust system is clean and working properly the kitchen and restaurant staff are safer and the work environment is cleaner, more efficient, and more productive for staff and customers. We take special pride in ensuring that our proprietary cleaning methods protect the safety of your customers, your employees, your business, and your livelihood.

Complete Fire Code Compliance

Our business prides itself on maintaining a BARE METAL STANDARD of clean and will provide a custom cleaning schedule for your unique restaurant. Our suggested schedules follow the expectations of the National Fire Protection Association, Code 96. When your restaurant follows the appropriate cleaning schedule using the BARE METAL STANDARD of clean, your kitchen will pass the regular fire codes and safety inspections with flying colors every time. That’s a promise.

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