Why Bare Metal Standard?

At Bare Metal Standard of Idaho, we hold a different standard than our competitors. With a proprietary process 50 years in the making, our business is an important reflection of the dedication we feel toward serving Treasure Valley and all of Idaho. The BARE METAL STANDARD is more than just the name of our company; it’s the way we do business. We guarantee to clean your complete kitchen exhaust system to 95% BARE METAL every time. As part of our standard, we don’t hang inaccessible tags anywhere in your system, because we don’t believe in inaccessible areas. We truly value the services we provide and want to extend that dedication to our customers. That’s why we settle for nothing less than the best service and the most consistent results anywhere in Treasure Valley and the rest of Idaho.

Proprietary Processes and Trained Professionals

A complex kitchen exhaust system.We’ve been developing our methods for cleaning kitchen exhaust systems for over 50 years. With this knowledge, our founders have advanced industry techniques down that no other company can compete against. No inaccessible tags and 95% bare metal remain a consistent standard across every job we do, no matter what. Our technicians can clean any commercial kitchen ventilation system, no matter how complex the ductwork. We care about the work we do as well as the community we serve, that’s why we keep our standards high and your kitchen safe. Call us for full service kitchen ventilation system cleaning including the following parts of your system:

Trained TechniciansWith knowledge comes expertise, so we ensure to train each of our technicians regularly on current fire regulation codes and the industry’s leading techniques. Our proprietary methods are taught to every technician in length so that you receive the highest quality service every time you schedule work with us. As a team, we always strive for the highest standard of service, the BARE METAL STANDARD. We’ll arrive on site in custom branded vehicles and uniforms to further show our dedication to customer service and professionalism. 

Scheduling and Maintenance Management

BARE METAL STANDARD of Idaho and Treasure Valley uses custom scheduling software to keep your commercial kitchen on track with regular maintenance. Depending on the type of commercial kitchen you own, we’ll develop a customized cleaning schedule that follows local fire inspection requirements and keeps you up to code. When you partner with us, you’ll never have to remember the last time you had your kitchen exhaust system professionally cleaned and whether you’re due for another cleaning. We’ll provide unique alerts to let you know it’s time for your kitchen ventilation system and ductwork to be degreased again.

With BARE METAL STANDARD of Idaho and Treasure Valley, you’ll never fail another inspection: GUARANTEED. We take the safety and cleanliness of your commercial kitchen seriously and will do our best to ensure a complete clean that exceeds fire safety regulations. We serve ALL commercial kitchens including education facilities and cafeterias, restaurants, hospital cafeterias, and industrial/plant cleaning.

Not sure if you need kitchen exhaust cleaning? We do FREE inspections! Give us a call at (208) 898-9379 or contact us online to schedule your FREE kitchen exhaust system inspection and we’ll let you know what needs to be done to get you back up to current fire code.

Franchise is independently owned and operated by Taylor Brother, Inc. Proudly servicing Treasure Valley and all of Idaho.